Lei-Ti, Too!

Lei-Ti is located in Batavia, NY. They have a second location in LeRoy. We had a blast! We met 3 families from Ontario and were able to meet up with them later in the summer. This is a place we definitely want to visit again.

Our Set Up
Our First Trip With the New Camper
Will Doing His Magic With the Ribs
Will Doing His Magic With the Ribs

Gravel Ponds

Located in Wheatland, NY. We renewed our membership to this private campground for a second year. We’ve decided to not renew our membership for the 2009 season. There are no scheduled, engaging, children’s activities. The wagon ride that most campgrounds have for kids is reserved for adults aka “booze and cruise”!

The campground is very big and motorized golf carts are not available or permitted. The sites are arranged on a single file around the lake side-by-side. There’s no easy way to talk to your neighbor without leaving your own site walking up in their site. And because the place is sooo big, not a lot of families with small children are out for walks which resulted in minimal opportunity to meet similar families.

Yogi Bear Jellystone Park

Located North Java, NY. By far, this is our favorite place to camp. We’ve gone 3 years in a row for the July 4 celebration. There are activities every hour and my little ones love the Hey Hey Heyride. There are 3 playgrounds, an in-ground pool, a beach, gameroom, and karaoke! They park is building an awesome waterpark for 2009. This is a must-do each year for us.

Me and the Kids Wade in the Lake
Me and the Kids Wade in the Lake
Me and the Girls Relaxing by the Pool
Me and the Girls Relaxing by the Pool
Boy is it hot out here.
Boy is it hot out here.

Skyline Resort

Located in Darien Center, NY. The family is not in agreement on this place. I did not like it because there were no sites near the playground. You had to walk a ways to get there. Will liked it because it “felt” like a small town. I say that it feels like a small town if your a seasonal resident. The weekenders are placed throughout the place. Our first day, I thought we were the only weekend campers. Also, there were no wagon rides…that’s a big X in my book. Also, weekenders did not get fire rings. Luckily, one of our campers knew someone whjo had a permanent site. And they had an extra fire ring.

Woodstream Campsite

Located in Gainsville, NY. This was a beautiful place, but the swimming was the worst. The “swimming hole” was actually a hole in the ground with chicken wire around the edges. There was no “sitting on the beach”. Parents had to site outside the wire and hope you didn’t have to leap the wire. The playground was great and the activities were mediocore.

We had our first mishap with the camper. The tow on the truck broke snapped while we were parking the camper. The campground was able to get a large tractor to park the camper for us. It was a loud, horrible sound. I never thought my heart could sink so fast. We learned that we need to unhook the chains when making tight turns!

The kids had fun! Their version of the lazy river was a real stream. During out visit, the stream was way too cold. It was probably not even 80 degrees. The other campers were very friendly. One is a seasonal camper at Holiday Hill. We plan on going there in 2009. We have plenty of other places to visit in 2009. We would not cross Woodstream off our list.


3 thoughts on “2008

  1. hello! i live in indiana, and there are a very few campers here and boaters … we,ve ben trying to find a boater/camper club or any thing close to that, so we can be around our own kind sometimes .. we found that our people are so afraid of white people,dogs, police,water,and bugs,(which they can sleep with) anyway if you know of any national club or something close to that let us know please?? thanks …………

    1. Hi, Steve

      I’m currently considering joining NAARVA. They are a national organization. The only thing I don’t like when them is having to own an travel trailer, 5th wheel, or motor home. Most families wanting to start camping may not be in a position to make a big purchase. We were in a pop-up for many years and would’ve loved being a member.

  2. Hello, this blog is just what I have been looking for. My family (extended family too) has been camping now for the 10 years and it I know there were other black campers but we saw very view and non owned RV’s. we have been camping in tents and for the last few years I have been thinking about buying travel trailer but I live in Brooklyn NY and don’t have anywhere to store it. Keep posting pictures they’re great!

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