Welcome to Black Campers!

We’ve been camping for nearly 11 years. Year after year, we’ve talked about finding a way to meet other black families that enjoy camping as much as we do. We’ve ran into them here and there. But the incidents are far and few in between.

We thought…hey, let’s create a website. Not wanting to invest any money into one until we’re comfortable with this, we decided to start here. We’ll that’s not 100% true. We did start a free web on another site, but I found WordPress to offer more features. So here we are!


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Black Campers!

  1. We love camping as a family and began camping when my children were small–they are now in their 20’s. I’m so happy to see your website. Any campsites that you like? Do you have a list of other black campers?

    1. Hi Turner Family…we don’t have a list yet. But we’ve decided to join one an organization. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. i live in cincinnati ohio. we are 65 and 61 yrs old. would like to meet other black campers in this area for camping fun

  3. I know many black campers and have been so myself since childhood. I’m a soloist but most of the people of color I see are a part of national and organational groups.

  4. we just went for the 1st time last week—bought an old class c and took it to the road had problems with camper but had one of the best vacations ever. Can’t wait to meet other black campers.

  5. I am so happy to see your site. We are a family of 6 living in Michigan. We have been camping, first tents now travel trailer for about 4 years. When camping we are typically the only people of color out there. It would be good to hear about some of the campgrounds that you have vistied. We are very much interested in meeting other black people who like camping as much as we do.

    1. @SCSTEW Thanks for visiting! All of our family camping trips take place in upstate New York. We like resort camping at private campgrounds versus rustic camping in state parks.

      We’ve also found that we tend to be the only family of color enjoying the camping life. So, we decided to join NAARVA. They do a have a few clubs in your state. You can visit the site here: http://www.naarva.com/Northern Chapters/NAARVA Northern Chapters.htm

  6. RV Campers? Wimps! I’m kidding! Try back country backpacking on mountain bikes camping! It’s fun, but make sure you bring supplies for flat tires! I highly advice checking out camping in Michigan. I live in Wisconsin (originally from Chicago). The people are extremely friendly in Michigan. I don’t think you can go any where without someone saying hello, good morning, etc. They are very helpful and friendly, it gets very infectious (a very good thing)! Not so much in Wisconsin. I think, they think, they own the Northern state. If you do go camping in Wisconsin, stick with popular places with lots of Illinois people, like Wisconsin Dells.

    1. LOL! I think I’d be a fish out of water going backpacking. I would definitely try it with a fun group of folks. Thanks for commenting. If we’re ever in the area to camp I’ll see what the Wisconsin Dells are up to.

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