I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments! Big thanks to everyone who shared with us.

We have not made any plans for 2010 yet. I do know our July 4th camping trip is not going to happen this year because of a family reunion. On one hand, I want to attend the reunion and meet my family for the first time. On the other hand, we have a tradition where we go to Yogi Bear Jellystone Park.

Foregoing the camping trip seems like the right thing to do. I was told this is the first year the reunion is being held on the July 4th holiday. I just hope it doesn’t become a tradition.

Good News

We decided to join the National African American RV Association (NAARVA). The closest chapter is in Buffalo, NY. I spoke to one of the chapter officers a few years ago. She told me that the members were a bit older than us. Truth be told; we didn’t want to join and be the youngest members. But since then, I’ve looked at my circle of friends and found that I enjoy people of all ages. Yay!!

What was I thinking? I guess I was being simple-minded. Maybe we could bring some new ideas to the group. Maybe Will would agree to travel a little further for camping trips. Fingers are crossed.

At any rate, we’re not signing our life away or doing anything drastic. There’s no harm in joining and giving it a try.

Frost Ridge Campground

Memorial Day Weekend
Le Roy, NY

Junius Ponds Cabins and Campground

June 25 – 27, 2010
Phelps, NY

Niagara Hartland RV Resort

July 15-18, 2010
Gasport, NY


9 thoughts on “2010

  1. I’m glad to see more of us camping. I am a 46 year old female and have been camping all my life. When I was a child we camped out on my grandfathers stationwagon. Inside on the seats on on the top or hood, we slept anywhere. Some fished all night. We sort of took turns. When I had my kids we purchased our first dome tent that slept 4 people. Then later purchased a huge tent with three rooms & so did my sister and then her children and then my children. Then we purchased our first RV and my sister got a pop up. And now the Big Horn. My entire family loves to camps. We love it. The problem is, where ever we go we are the only black people. That’s fine but hard to understand. I was glad to see your site and pictures. We live in Tulsa, OK and I’m looking forward to our first trip out this year which will be in a couple of weeks. Enjoy your camping this year.


    1. I noticed that you lived in Tulsa, OK and wanted to let you know that there is a local black club in the state of Oklahoma. They are called the Oklahoma Tornadoes and their President is Robert McClain. His email address is robert-jerlene@sbcglobal.net.
      My husband and I just left Tulsa yesterday and are now camping at the Coachlight RV Park in Carthage, MO. We are members of a camping club, the MO/KAN Roadrunners, with members in Missouri and Kansas. Our club will be camping at Coachlight RV Park from August 25-28 and would love to have you join us.
      Both our club and the one in Oklahoma are chartered chapters of the National African American RVers Association (NAARVA). You might want to browse their website (www.NAARVA.com) for information about the organization and to view the 2011 camping schedule for the various clubs.


  2. I read that you lived in Tulsa, OK and wanted to let you know that there is a black club in your area called the Oklahoma Tornadoes. Robert McClain is the President of this club and his email address is

    Now, if you are ever in the Kansas City area we also have a local camping club there. Both of these clubs are chartered chapters of the National African American RVers Associiation (NAARVA).

    My husband and I just left Tulsa yesterday and we are now camped at the Coachlight RV Park in Carthage, MO. The park is an easy driving distance from Tulsa. From August 25-28 our club, the MO/KAN Roadrunners, will be camping there and we would love to have you join us.

    Please browse the the NAARVA website (www.NAARVA.com) for information about these clubs and their camping schedule.


  3. This is my first time on this site. I have only camped once in my life when I was 11; I am now 40! I am seriously considering it. Me and my children drove to a campsite not far from us just to see what it was like it seemed nice, people fishing etc. but no black people. Honestly I think a lot of black people have a fear of the woods that was in grained in us; anyway I am ready to break the cycle and just go; but I worry how are we going to manage in a tent even setting it up and purchasing the equipment needed and packing all that stuff. Any suggestions are will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for having this site; i was searching and I found it.


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