Joining A Camping Club

The cutest picture.Have you ever made a decision and then you’re itching to get things moving? Well, that’s how I feel about joining the camping club called The National African American RV Association (NAARVA). What does a girl have to do to be down with the club?

Okay. So it’s been only one day and I need to slow my jet. You see…I’m just excited about being able to connect with some cool campers. I don’t know them, but I have a close friend who has hung out with this group. If she says they’re cool, they must be. Right? Yes. And that’s that. So I’m going to relax and be patient.

This camping club, NAARVA, was formed in 1993. Their first outing consisted of 165 RV’s. Can you imagine? The club is nationwide and broken into four regions. Each region has between 5 and 17 chapters.

I really wanted to avoid an official membership club, but this seems to be the way to go for now. No matter how much my friends hear about me and my family camping, it’s still just ‘us’ out there. So I’m thinking joining this group will support our statements that black people do camp.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress. In the meantime, feel free to check out NAARVA here.


32 thoughts on “Joining A Camping Club

  1. I had that problem too when we 1st sign up. The 2010 Eastern Region Rally. (Eastern Region) is being held May 13-16 2010 at Bethpage Camp-Resort Urbanna, Virginia. I know if you leave a message with the Eastern Region President John Robinson at 609-364-5659 he or his wife will call you back. Remember you don’t have to be member to sign up for rallys. We’ll be there again this year, and hope to meet you and your family. Hope not in a pop up. But who knows. We’ll be checking out the RV show in March. Also selling 1997 Coleman Westlake Pop up with 2 king beds, 1 full bed AC indoor and outdoor showers. Cassette toilet, 3 burner stove and heat. MUST SEE.

  2. Hi Will and Shawnie don;t fret about being memebers of (naarva) they are a great group, since joining our local chapter sourthern region we’ve meet some good ole folks. and don’t let the age gap fool you ,the wife and i are called the babies of the club. any who just stumbled on your site ,stay kool & keep camping and if you are ever in Oklahoma email us.

    1. Members of the clubs I am familiar with require an RV. Most big clubs require a self-contained RV where the cab and living quarters are one. I have not found a club that has members with tent or even pop-ups.

      1. Sorry my reply is super late. But, no… I’ve not seen people of the chocolate persuasion in tents. I introduce myself to every black camper I run across. If I hear a black person in the grocery store talking about camping, I’m talking to them. To date, no one has ever said they used a tent. If not an RV, their renting a cabin.


      3. That’s good to hear. I hope my kids continue camping when they move on and have their own families. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. My only interest is to join an African conscious camping group who wants to have a clean fun with some space for tents; everyone cannot afford a RV, especially when one do not have the space to park a RV.

    1. I completely understand. That is all we wanted when we had a pop-up. Camping with like-minded people is always a blast. I looked and looked but could not find a group. I had even posted on craigslit and I am not a fan of paying dues just to be with people who look like me. I think it’s craziness. But, we do what we gotta do. Keep looking. I hope you eventually find some people.

  4. I’m kind of frustrated with NAARV. I called my local chapter (I’m from Detroit, MIchigan), and was told that my camper MUST be self-contained to be a member. Why does it matter? There are not that many African-American campers and I’m TRYING to be part of an African-American camping group so I can meet more of us out there. I won a pop up. We as black people don’t like to be discriminated against, but I’m being discriminated against my own people because I can’t afford a self-contained camper. Go figure!!!!

    1. I know exactly how you feel. I was very discouraged with the organization when we had a pop-up. We camped with the group for two years. The people were great, but it was hard to shake the feeling that we were paying for what should be free. We tried to find other families to camp with beforw joining. That was hard and not successful. Camping is not popular in our community. Stay encouraged and share your experience. Invitge family and friends out to the camp site. You may find someone to buy a tent or camper and join you. Best wishes!

      1. Tell me about Black campers? I’m trying to get my wife to understand that their are black campers out there that have great fun camping. Do you guys meet at certain places to enjoy the camping experience together? We are from Champaign Illinois and are looking to purchase and travel on vacation In a rv sometime in the near future. It would be great to know that their are others out there that have created great friendships through the camping experience. I would like to know more about Black campers.

      2. Black Campers is not a group. It’s what we (my family and I) call ourselves. Not too many people know that people who are not caucasian actually camp. There is a group called NAARVA …National African American RV Association. We were members for two years. These clubs are all over the country. The camp together on a monthly basis and many have created strong friendships.

  5. Hello all my names is James from Champaign Illinois and I have lived a great part of my adult life dreaming of purchasing a C- Class camper. I have always dreamed of owning and traveling in a camper. In the near future I am going to make it happen and just wondered if anyone could tell me a little about Black campers. For instance do you all plan trips together and meet at certain camp grounds and enjoy the camping experience together? Have you all created great friendships through camping together year after year? It just seems like a really fun idea to meet people from other walks of life to share great camping experiences with. Can someone give me some feedback as to what Black campers is all about.

    1. Hi Joan,

      We were camping this weekend at Frost Ridge in LeRor, NY. Although it was cold and I went home sick, we had fun. Our next trip, which is going to hit our pockets heavy, is not until July 3. We decided not to join a camping club this year as we are very busy with our eldest son graduating high school and preparing for college. So for 2013, it’s just us!

      1. I am happy your son is graduating from High School which is an important mile for him and his parents-have a successful summer.

  6. We just started camping last year in Illinois. We are the only Black family that goes to the campground that we frequent. Is this group still operating? I notice the last post was in 2013.

    1. Hey if you guys are still camping reach out to me. Im in the Chicago area. Me and my family have been camping for years and have always been the only people of color. I never seen this web site till now so if your still out there lets camp.

  7. I share the same feelings: I am black and live in E. Texas near Tyler. I have a travel trailer and I’m a widow now, but still would like to camp but can not find a group of color to camp with. I handle my rig well to be a female and single. I will continue to monitor your site and perhaps we all will get lucky. Pat

  8. Feeling left out: I have a cross between a pop up and RV. My Trailmanor closes like a pop up for easy transport but opens up to a full size 31 foot trailer with king size bed, sideout living room with a pullout bed and bathroom w/shower. The company has their own camping club but from the photos I would be the only person of color nationwide. I would love to be a member.

  9. I’m a black camper in the Chicago IL area been tenting for years now recently purchased a 30 feet travel trailer and if anyone of my Brothers and sisters wanna camp whether or not you have a popup or tent, we can camp me and my wife camp every chance we get. And sometimes I go along. I just love camping and we are always been the only blacks were ever ive been. Lets camp.

    1. Drae, we live in Merrillville, Indiana and camp about once a month April thru October. We have several families in our group and always welcome more good campers. No restrictions just having a good time. You are welcome to contact me we are just starting to plan our October trip.

  10. We are a black family and we own a 32 foot Keystone Laredo travel trailer. We are looking for a group such as yours in the DFW Texas area. You sound very interesting.

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