Camping and Critters

Field Mouse

RV clean? Check. Inventory list made? Check. Reservations made? Check. Critters gone? Check.

We are almost ready for our first camping trip of the season. We pulled the RV out of storage and did a little dusting and wiping. I left a bag of nuts in the camper and guess what? A critter found it and went to town! If you read this and know my kids, please DO NOT mention the critters. They may not want to walk into the camper. My kids are finicky like that.

I have no idea how this little critter got into the camper, but this was our first break-in. I think it was a field mouse. No damage was done to the camper. Only empty peanut shells – everywhere. The positive side of this is that we helped one of God’s creatures eat good for the winter! But I know one thing is for sure; it won’t happen again. I’ve made it my personal battle to scour that RV before it’s put on lock-down this fall.

But having to only to do a little prep work makes camping so much easier. Last year, we purchased items for the RV. We only have to pack the food, clothes, and linens.

Speaking of linens, this year I plan to pick up some towels and sleeping bags specifically for the camper. Then, it’s simply wash what’s dirty and throw it back into the RV. Yes. I love camping and look forward to a great season.

Happy camping!

9 thoughts on “Camping and Critters

  1. Hi!, I am glad that your back! Sorry to hear about the break in (ha ha). Glad to hear that there was no real damage.

    1. Thanks. When I saw the peanut shells, I wanted to hit my head like they did on the V-8 commercials. Ugh.

    MAY 13TH —16TH at BEATHPAGE CAMPGROUND in URBANNA , VA, On our way in the new Travel trailer we purchase, But our SUV broke down for the first time and both vehicle have to be towed back home. I’m hoping they will return my money. Camping season didn’t start off the way I like, but it will get better. Still can’t wait to go camping in new trailer. Still selling a 97 coleman westlake pop up. Best offer,

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. We did not go to the rally. We are not in a position to make long trips because we have a big family and need to travel in two vehicles. I need a Tahoe or a Suburban.

      Does your club camp every month? Are you camping outside of the NAARVA weekends?

      Feel free to send me a pic of the camper your selling. I’ll post it up on the site to help out.

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