Arkansas Campers

As I hear about the campers killed in the Arkansas flash flood, immediately my heart was heavy with sadness. As a camper, you know first hand what it’s like to be sleeping peacefully in your camper. You sat around the campfire and made s’mores and roasted hot dogs. The kids are tucked and tired from a day of running and playing. But then, you are aroused in the early morning to complete chaos.

As a mother of four, I can see those mothers (and fathers) yelling for their children. Crying out for help. Crying out to God. Fighting with all their might to protect their babies. I can’t even form words to describe how much this news hurt me to my very being.

CBS News has a video where reporter, Chris Wragge, interviews Joel Hinton. Joel is a camper who “happened*” to be awake and saw the rising waters. He immediately helped other campers to safety. Joel said “My wife is a person of deep spiritual belief.” He went on to say that his wife asked what they should do. He responded, “There’s only one thing you can do and that’s probably to pray.” He shared that his wife always prays that God protect their home. The water stopped 1.5 inches from the floor of their camper. Praise God!

Unfortunately, there are individuals who find pleasure in the pain of others. You can go to any news sites and find horrible comments posted by sick individuals. What has happened to person where they have no compassion for the loss of life? It’s not just the Arkansas flooding, but in every bad event. I’m learning that there will always be a cold-hearted human who will mock, taunt, disrespect, and curse the victim. It’s the time we live in.

Continue to pray that the survivors of this tragedy find comfort in the God who is mighty and able to do all things and in his son, Jesus Christ.

* As a believer, I believe he was predestined to be where he was to do what was needed. When you find yourself in the right place – at the right time, thank God for his mighty hand that leads and guides you.

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