New York Ravens

On June 25, 2010, we camped with the New York Ravens at Junius Pond Cabin and Campground. The “Ravens” are a local chapter of the National African American RV Association (NAARVA). We were treated as family from the time we arrived till we departed. We had good conversation and ate well!

One of the members shared his story of growing up in the south in the 40s. He talked about working in the fields from “can to can’t”. That’s when you can see to when you can’t see. He grew up farming and farms his own land in Niagara Falls till this very day.

After 11 years of camping, I thought I knew it all. But some of the Ravens have been camping since the 70s. Needless to say, I have a lot to learn. I have a few pictures to share, but took it easy as I did not want to be the new-member-whose-always-got-that-darn-camera-out. Also, the members may not know about my blogging and I’d want to make sure they know before I start yelling “Say cheese!”

The motorhomes and our trailer circled a pavilion where all activities are held. You can see the pavillion in the far left side of the picture. The New York Ravens shield is proudly displayed on the outskirt of the campsites.

My three kids and their camping guest (the one with the orange mohawk) wait patiently for dinner to be ready.

This is not an image from the campground, but a majority of the campers had these cool, nifty cafeteria trays.  They come on different shapes, sizes, and colors.  I’m going to have some before our next trip…I hope.

And here’s dinner. It was like Thanksgiving outside! Notice the trays…so cute!

Breakfast and dinner are served potluck style. Each family brings a dish to pass. I made fried potatoes for breakfast and  Will made his awesome beef and pork ribs for dinner.