Let the 2011 Adventures Begin

I’m looking out the window with great anticipation to the first camping trip right around the corner. My four year old is starting to ask about our first trip. Her motivation is being able to wear “flipper floppers.” That’s what she calls her summer sandals.

Stabil-Step JackI’ve browsed Camping World brochure and circled a few items to pick up. Some items are the upkeep of the camper, but others are for pure enjoyment. One item I think is a must-have is the Stabil-Step Jack. The kids are getting bigger and the step will not last forever. I would prefer to invest the money now to protect the step instead of paying the money to replace it in a few years.

I know we should get some stabilizers to stop the rocking when moving inside the camper, but that may have to wait for 2012. Besides, my eyes fell upon a hammock that was calling my name. The Slumber Hammock, $80 at Camping World, looks like a nap waiting to happen. I did a quick search and found a cheaper and more expensive, but loaded, hammock at Walmart.

Hammock Hammock
Mac Sports Heavenly Slumber
$48.00, Walmart
Kalisto All-in-One Portable Hammock
$99.98, Walmart

The only thing to do is go test out the hammocks and see which one will be my vehicle to sweet slumber. Fortunately, this is all I have for right now. But things do change when you walk into a camping section at any store.