2011 Memorial Day Weekend Summary

Our camping season had to end early because both of our sons play football.  I haven’t done any serious blogging all summer.  I wanted too, but I’ve been pulled in directions. So, Ive decided to give summaries of our adventures this summer.

Frostridge Campgrounds
LeRoy, New York

We’ve spent our Memorial Day weekend at Frostridge since 2008. I would rate the campground a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5. My eldest son likes Frostridge because he has connected with other teens whose families also have made this campground the Memorial Day tradition. The planned activity for younger children has declined. The volunteers lacked any capacity to engage small children. I helped my girls do their little craft just to get it over with and ran back to the site.

This is the second year Frostridge made the live entertainment open to the public. I was not happy with this decision last year because the band played country music and I don’t think I have to mention what kind of crowd comes with that. It wasn’t the music that I did not like, but the crowd. I have small children running around or to and from the general store. Once the people started pouring in, I had to keep the kids close by. I forgot about the “open-to-the-public” thingy when I made reservations this year. Fortunately, the crowd was very small. I wondered if the downpour earlier that week making the grounds muddy had anything to do with that. We were able to watch the band from our site.

The only wagon ride during the day was the “Wet-and-Wild” wagon ride. Our youngest daughter, Chaney (age 4), expressed her desire to ride on the wagon against my warnings that the ride included a water battle. Hailey (age 9) also went on the wagon. Sadly, Chaney cried through the entire ride. I should say it hurt my heart to see her crying….but I told her what was going to happen.