I’m Still Here and Camping

Ok…I told a little lie.

We’re not camping now, but we’re still campers. 2012 was a rough year and we decided to take a break. It was hard on the kids. They continually asked “when are we going camping?”

I had to get through some personal craziness and Will was busy getting the finances back on course. We also had our eldest child get his first summer job and that made it very hard to even get away for a night. I felt like a co-owner of my own vehicle!

We are looking forward to new camping adventures in 2013. Since our last season, we learned our eldest daughter had an allergy to bees!

Can you imagine! She’s been camping since she was a year old (she is now 10) and we’ve never had a bee incident. It took an afternoon of sitting in the GARAGE to encounter a crazy bee. Now we travel with the sacrexd Epi-pen. We have these pens everywhere!

We are looking forward to new adventures in 2012! The camper is in winterization mode and the entire family is revving to go.

10 thoughts on “I’m Still Here and Camping

  1. Shawnice,

    You might want to start planning for 2013 and put the NAARVA rally on your travel schedule. The 2013 rally is being held at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia from July 14-21. Check out the NAARVA website for additional rally information and the registration form in a few weeks.

  2. Three cheers for next year! I am lucky to live down south. I took Monday off and went camping last weekend at stone mountain park in Georgia. I had a ball and it was warm (in the upper 60’s)…. I am happy I got it in last weekend because it is 34 degrees here today.

    I too cannot wait for spring so I can camp and read about your families adventures. As far as bee’s I am 43 years old and never ever got stung by a bee before. This summer I got stung twice in the same day in my own back yard. Lets pray your daughter goes another 40 years or forever without another bee sting…..

    1. I am not sure. I live in upstate NY so we have a camping season. Some of the retired/non-working members continue to camp throughout the yearn but not as a club. They travel south together after the new year and return in the spring. There may be groups that camp together full-time, but it would be the exception and not the rule.

  3. We are just starting to look for an rv. We have a child going off to college in pennsylvania and have one still in high school. I am looking forward to it.

      1. No not yet, working on a tight budget right now. I think about it often when it’s a beautiful sunny day and I want to hit the road. I know one day (hopefully soon) we will be able to work it in.

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