Ready for 2013 Camping Season

We took a year off and now we’re back! The family was not happy that we did not get out to camp in 2012, but it was necessary for us to focus on other areas. Boy how we missed it!

We have our first trip planned for Memorial Day and I still need to finalize the rest of the summer. The family is EXCITED to get back into the groove of camping!

Our annual (minus 2012) July fourth trip will be in Pittsburgh, PA this year. My best friend since 2nd grade is getting married. And it’s too expensive for a family of six to stay in a hotel for 4 nights and although my sister is in that area, there’s just not enough room.

We plan on hitting up Kennywood on July 4th with the bride and groom! I’ve not been to Kennywood since 1991! 

OK…enough about July (I’m so exited)! I just wanted to share that we are on like Donkey Kong for 2013!


8 thoughts on “Ready for 2013 Camping Season

  1. Alrighty then…. Seems like you are planning for MUCHO fun this year… We took our first 2013 camping trip for Spring break. We pulled from Atlanta to Chattanooga TN. We stayed for 2 days and then went on to Pigeon Forge TN and stayed for another 2 days. These are great family friendly cities. We had a great time and want to return in Summer for all the water parks there. It was 250 miles away our furthest trip with the camper and we had no issues just lots of good times. best of luck in 2013 !
    I can’t wait to hear about your camping adventures.

  2. We haven’t been out yet this year. We had a water leak in one of the slide seals. Water got under the vinyl floor and cracked it. Now I have to re-tile the entire floor. Thankfully, there was no major water damage. We plan to travel to the Michigan Sand Dunes and Michigan Adventure in June. Then Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN in September.

    1. Sorry to hear of your repairs. Every time we open our camper, I’m holding my breath hoping all is well. It may be time for us to invest in an RV cover while it’s still early.

  3. Are there any African American full-timers? I would love to get in touch with them as I am “taking my show on the road” in less than 2 months.

  4. Friends Please keep an eye on your RV and keep it safe. My RV was stolen on 8/2713 .
    We were all set to go camping on labor day and someone stole our rig 3 days before we went camping. We had a heavy duty hitch lock on our rig and they still stole it. I used to visit my trailer every few days. Usually I didn’t let a week go by without checking on it or going inside. Please do what you can to secure your rigs. My rig was a 2003 34 foot Terry quantum bunk house with a super slide. It has now been missing for just under a month. I pray it is found but I am losing hope…..

      1. In my opinion keep the slides out, keep the battery’s out and usebplenty of locks. I just had a hitch lock that I thought was good but it was not.I now have 2 parking boot locks on the rv. If I could send you a picture you would see it looks like fort Knox now… Also store your rv in a place where people can see it everyday. A gps tracking system would be best but it is expensive and needs a source for power for long amounts of time.

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