Camping Update and Many Thanks!

Every time I get a notice that Black Campers has a new follower, I am humbled and embarrassed at the same time. I am humbled that there are people who are interested in what we’re doing. I’m embarrassed that I am not on top of my blog. I have found blogs that peaked my curiosity just to eventually learn that the blogger has moved on.

We are still here and the RV still smells like love. No joking. When we need to head out to the RV to get something out of it, Will and I walk inside the RV and take a deep breath. We talk to the RV and tell it how much we miss spending time with it. Will usually ends the visit with a pat on the side of the RV and we drive away talking about how we missed our camping adventures.

We did not get any camping trips in 2014. The brakes on the truck were not reliable, the sensor on the gas tank was failing, and the tank had a slow leak. Will had problems getting gas into the tank; heĀ could not put more that $5 or $6 of gas into the tank. The truck was riddled with problems. Will said the Avalanche was his best truck and worse truck. When things were good, they were real good. When things were bad, we were screwed. Money was tight and financially supporting our son in college put camping on hold.

The GOOD news is….we have a new truck! Will finally had had enough of the Avalanche and purchased a Ford F-150. Camping is going down in 2015!

We are looking into being seasonalĀ campers at one of our favorite campgrounds, Frost Ridge. We’ve spent several Memorial Days at Frost Ridge. The campground is small, the other campers are very nice, and it’s a 15 minute drive from our home. It will become our “summer cottage” (insert chuckle). Current campers at Frost Ridge have until the end of the month to renew their contract. We will know after that point if a spot opens up for us. If we do not get a spot for 2015, we’ll continue to camp as we have done all this time. Neither Will nor I can see ourselves settling down anywhere else.

Until my next article, which I have half written because I was going to add it here but decided to make it its own post, many thanks to the new followers of Black Campers! If you’re a camper, I’d love to hear about your adventures. Feel free to comment with a link to your site. If you’re not a camper, I hope I inspire you to give it a try.