Can We Make It Happen?

IMG_20160403_152032Hello! Shawnice here and I am so ready to make camping what it’s supposed to be. During our Memorial Day 2015 camping trip, we broke the tow bar…again! I can imagine how upset I was. I told Will that we are experienced campers and cannot continue to let people who “think” their more experienced than use try to help with parking the RV.

I have been helping Will park the camper for YEARS! I need him to trust me and know that I have our best interest at heart.

We eventually got the tow bar fixed but not in time for another trip. But 2016 should be on like Donkey Kong.

Can we make it happen? Yes we can!

On a side note, I am on Twitter now. I have 2 followers! LOL! Will and my friend Gail. You can follow me @justsewpeazy. Yes, I am a sewer. I wrestled with the idea of creating a twitter account for BlackCampers. The work it would take to manage two account  was outweighed by my desire to remain sane.

Anywhoooo…Will and I going on our annual wine tour this weekend and will try to periscope our adventure.

Here’s to a great 2016 camping adventure.


3 thoughts on “Can We Make It Happen?

  1. Can’t wait to see y’all get out and have fun camping. As for Twitter I’m really not in to that. But have fun anyways!!!

  2. Hello there. Was searching for all things black and camping and stumbled across your blog. We’ve been camping about 12 years. From upstate New York. Just upgraded from our tent two years ago to a class c. Husband, two girls, two dogs. Would love to share notes on where you camp, best campgrounds, etc.

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