About Us

Shawnice and Will

Our camping journey started in 1999. On the day that we were shopping at the mall, there happened to be an RV show. We browsed the various campers with no intention of buying. The RVs were so big and expensive. In a “tucked away” corner of the mall were tent-campers. We’ve never seen anything like them before! I immediately saw myself camping. It took some time (less than an hour) to convince my husband that we were campers. We sat in several tent campers (the salesman knew how to work us) and fell in love with the idea of camping. We were not sure if it was possible, but after finding out out how affordable we could get a new tent camper, “we can do this.” We bought 1999 Flagstaff Tent Camper that afternoon!

Ya’ll Camp?!?

Yes! That’s the response we received when we started telling family and friends that we had purchased a camper. To be exact, the wording was more…I didn’t know ‘we’ did stuff like that. Truthfully, neither did we and we didn’t care.

We saw ourselves camping in the future. We saw ourselves enjoying being outdoors and creating great memories with our then 4 year old son.

We Knew Jack About Camping!

We had never been camping, nor did we know of anyone who camped. We knew how to set up the camper and pack it away. The internet was new to us at that time so we were not browsing the web for camping resources. There was no Camping 101 class to take and we had to learn by trial and error .

Our first trip was an adventure. The only foods we packed were hot dogs, hamburgers, macaroni-n-cheese, and several cans of baked beans. We completely forgot the cooking utensils, milk and butter to make the mac-n-cheese and thought nothing of what we were going to eat for breakfast. We were a hot mess. Luckly, there was a local store as well as the park’s general store.

We’re Finally Cathing On

After walking the campground and seeing how other people camped, we slowly built our inventory. We purchased lights, ground covering, tables, fans (we did not have A/C. We learned to prepare for all kind of weather, accidents, and occasions. We still add on to this very day. There’s always something new to learn or buy to enhance the camping experience. Upon building this site and finding photos to use, we realized that we continue to do some things the same way we did over 10 years ago.

Camping Today

Shawnice and Bryce relaxed in the RV for a minute.

In 2008, we traded in our tent camper for a 32 ft. travel trailer. We had outgrown our first camper due to the increase in our family. We now have four kids, Josh (15), Bryce (10), Hailey (7) and Chaney (3). How do our kids feel about camping? They don’t know life any other way!